“From the earliest starting point of time, free stone work has been rebuffed for its affection for truth, and out if its discipline came the United States. We were established by Masonic weights, we were established by Masons, we were established by a portion of the best personalities of our chance. . . . We were established by individuals who yielded much, and furthermore gave their lives by and large. Be that as it may, we came through, we came through on account of a positive assurance, that the method for light might win. Along these lines it is essential to us to ensure that this light prevails, it goes ahead, to help us with every one of the things that are fundamental for us to do.”

Masculine P. Corridor, the man in the video underneath, has been perceived as one of the world’s driving researchers in the fields of religion, folklore, enchantment, and the mysterious. Numerous extraordinary personalities have been pulled in to his work, including the late Carl Jung, who, when composing his Psychology and Alchemy, obtained material from Hall’s private accumulation. It’s important to say that a considerable lot of the world’s brightest personalities were about every otherworldly spiritualist, from Albert Einstein and Issac Newton to Nikola Tesla and numerous more all through history. It’s a subject that has gotten a handle on the consideration of individuals of any age, and gives considerably more confirmation into the non-material universes we now know to be a reality through the investigation of non-material science.

“The day science creatures to think about non-physical marvels, it will gain more ground in one decade than in every single earlier century of its reality.”

– Nikola Tesla

In 1934, Hall established the Philosophical Research Society (PRS) in Los Angeles, California, grounded in his aim for making answers for developing human issues.

In 1926, he distributed The Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy. It got much acclaim, and has its place in history as being, as indicated by Apollo 14 space traveler Dr. Edgar Mitchell, “an exemplary on the planet’s writing” that “will manage students of history, rationalists, and lay searchers of obscure insight for quite a long time.” The title alone gives the peruser a thought of what the book is about.

The book jumps into the lessons of different religions and societies, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, Illumanti, rationality, antiquated history, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It clarifies how mystery social orders have existed for a great many years, and how data, information, “enchantment” and different capacities, and what are accepted to be legendary articles, have been in the hands of individuals who have seized these lessons and utilized them to control the will of their want for power, self image, and that’s just the beginning. He clarifies how some capable individuals are occupied with these exercises in their journey for world strength, yet the “white caps” of these, and other, mystery social orders have been exceptionally bustling attempting to battle this ascent of the utilization of “enchantment” for “underhanded” purposes, control, and world predominance, and have constantly done as such.

In 1947, 47 years in the wake of composing The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Hall was perceived as a 33rd degree Mason, the most noteworthy respect presented by the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite.

Over a time of 70 years, he conveyed roughly 8,000 addresses in the United States and abroad and wrote more than 150 books and papers and incalculable magazine articles.

In case you’re occupied with the topic said over, Hall’s works are exceedingly prescribed, as it’s elusive a genuine researcher in these fields, particularly when they are covered in mystery. Indeed, even the individuals who are at the ‘best’ of cutting edge stone work and mystery social orders aren’t generally there. Many are basically utilized as pawns, and the individuals who are not known by any, off camera, are the genuine attendants of certain ‘insight.’ Perhaps not yet prepared for humankind to utilize? If at any time?

The principle takeaway from his book ought to maybe be the way that numerous old (and current) mystery social orders are established in positive attitude, and the want to expedite wealth to all life the planet, and to ensure it. Today, particularly in pop culture, mystery social orders have a terrible notoriety, and Hall points out that many have taken old ideas, and stylized enchantment and divination, and totally distorted it, making a type of dark enchantment in the process – driven by a similar covetousness and inner self that, Hall says, cut down the considerable city of Atlantis.

We distributed an article a year ago, utilizing Hall’s work, that shows how stylized enchantment, an antiquated craftsmanship, has turned out to be debased by the worldwide tip top.

“All of the mystery social orders of the past, have been devoted to tidy up occupations. They’ve all come like the Knights Templars to deal with the debasements of different convictions and tenets. They came to replace political defilement that was behind expectation. Regular, inside and out, the siblings were grinding away. Here and there furtively yet dependably persistently.” (video beneath)

The following is a video of Hall’s last open address, given at the Scottish Rites Masonic Temple in L.A., where he has some essential words for mankind.

“The coming years will be of the best significance to the Masonic Order… The circumstance is not kidding… ordinary the water is more awful, the Earth is more dirtied, the air is more spoiled, the pulverization of regular assets, the continuation of war, the advancement of ruinous weaponry, every one of these things go on, and on the off chance that they go on sufficiently long something will happen… Something will advise us that man does not have the privilege to obliterate what he didn’t make, he has not the privilege to take a delightful world, with the greater part of its benefits and openings, and transform it into a limbo” (video beneath)