How To Eat and Train Like Ronaldo!


Not only is Cristian’s ronaldo one of the most famous football players ever, he also looks and performs like a machine! So what does he do?

According to Cristiano Ronaldo is known for being obsessed with his training routine. There’s a particular quote from Sir Alex Ferguson, which illustrates this phenomenon perfectly: “There’s no fluke about it. I see Ronaldo practising all the time in training.” Besides the mental motivation needed, there’s certainly another very important attribute that CR7owns and that everyone need to keep in mind when attempting to get in shape: Discipline. Common or trivial quotes such as “No pain, no gain” are indeed true, but Cristiano Ronaldo and other top athletes are well aware of how important it is to set training routines and follow them without slacking.

Cristiano Ronaldo Daily Workout Routine

Cristiano Ronaldo practices around 5 times per week in Real Madrid training camp, depending on the games schedule they have that week. On average, he trains around 3-4 hours per day and consists of:

  • 3 to 4 hours of daily practice that assure a very low body fat level (<10%)
  • Several periods of running for endurance cardio (25-30 mins)
  • High intensity and “explosive” sprinting drills (short-period exercises)
  • Technical drills to enhance skills and ball control
  • Football tactical exercises to improve understanding with teammates
  • Gym exercises to develop specific muscles but also his total body strength.



​Gym Exercises Performed:

Similar to myself, although I like to look lean and muscular, I need to be able to perform with my job! Which means I need to be able to run, jump, swim and remain extremely flexible and active as well as looking aesthetically pleasing too. You may be surprised how little weight is used in his training plans, but he need to be able to move effectively as well as look good!

From watching training videos of Ronaldos, the top 5 exercises in the gym he most commonly performs is:

1. Squats – these would be used to increase power and strength as squats are a great exercise to build strong and explosive leg muscles.

2. Exercise ball jack knife – this is an advanced core exercise which helps core control, balance and abs development too.

3. Resistance band side lunges – as football uses many planes on movement Ronaldo would need to be effective moving in all directions, hence a side lunge, the resistance bands added to make the leg muscles work harder.

4. Treadmill sprints – HIIT training would be used to practice explosive sprint power and keeping his body fat low as well.

5. Dumbbell press up rows – this includes the upper body and core plus co-ordination. Another exercise to emphasise a strong core and upper body strength too.

A Cristiano Ronaldo Diet Plan

There’s no secret behind the fact that a great workout routine won’t work well if you don’t combine it with a good diet plan. Cristiano Ronaldo is well aware of this need and he surely pays great attention to what he eats.

One of the most important factors is how often he eats during the day. He has a recommended period of 2 to 4 hours between small meals/snacks, which could result in around 6 meals per day. Eating less, but distributed over more meals during the day will help your body become stronger with more food intake and also keep your metabolism high.

It’s no surprise…

Following these training exercises, drills and tips can help you become healthier, leaner and stronger since they are based on Cristiano Ronaldo’s workout routine, but you’ll need to be strongly motivated and disciplined. 
Take Ronaldo example, as he has always worked hard from a young age and he’s mentality strong too, allowing him to keep focused on his health and body composition, as well as his football ability.