Looking for Motivation. Read this


I’m not a huge fan of motivation and long speeches. They are only good for a while and the motivation only lasts for a couple moments.

Did you ever have one of those days where you’re watching multiple motivational speeches, sometimes even for an hour and then end up doing nothing? I did, and not only once.

I remember one day where I didn’t feel like going to the gym. The weather was awful, my gym buddy left me hanging and I was still sore from the last workout. I stayed at home watching all those fitness motivational videos, trying to motivate myself. Guess what, I stayed at home all day long browsing the internet.

What the heck happened?

Well, I ended up watchin so many of those videos that I became depressed seeing all those people with aesthetic bodies and comparing them with myself. I felt inferior and started coming up with all kinds of excuses. I kept telling myself that it made no sense to train since there would always be someone who is better than me and no matter how much I trained I would never look like those guys.

Too much of anything will turn into its opposite

Just like with everything else, too much of motivation will eventually turn into de-motivation. The intention of those motivational sources might be good, but if we don’t learn to control ourselves, then it will turn into an obstacle instead of a shortcut.

Motivation should come from the inside, you need to find that one thing that pushes you forward and keeps you moving.

Motivation has to be an internal fire to allow discipline to guide it. If motivation for you is external it will be temporary.

Motivation from external sources won’t get you far, it can only act as a short spark to ignite the fire within you.

What drives you?

The discovery of your internal fire is the most important moment on your journey of becoming a better you. And the best thing about it is that this fire is eternal, once you discover it you will always be able to re-ignite it.

For someone this might be the desire to become famous, be rich or own a luxury car. For other people it might be their family, their desire to help someone or to become one of the best in any given field.

For me, the motivation comes from a desire to learn and grow every day and share all that I learn. The moment I realized this, my perception of life completely changed, everything started making sense and I began to live my life with a newfound passion.

Where does your internal motivation come from? How did you discover it?