Mom’s Hilarious Viral Video Answers The Question ‘Why do you have so many kids?’


why do you have so many kids

Jenny Evans is a mother to six children…and yes…she is aware!

That doesn’t stop people from asking…’Why do you have so many kids?’. One would think that will all the random people asking the same question, it would have Jenny wondering if she had even thought out this plan of having six kids, fully. 

Well, she did. 

“One of the questions I get asked constantly as a mom of six is ‘Why do you have so many kids?’” she says.

In a hilarious video posted to her Facebook page, Evans tackles the absurd question with just the right amount of humor, sarcasm and awesomeness!

Evan’s message is a simple reminder to go with the flow, let life happen and be happy! We absolutely love this woman! 

watch the video on this link